Roll On It Productions - Wellington, Florida
Gary Azzinaro
Roll On It Productions
11122 Laurel Walk Rd.
Wellington, Fl 33449
954.816.9506 cell
561.790.7737 home

Roll On It Productions proudly offers the following camera packages:

  Sony HDXDCAM  2/3 Chip 1080i /720P  PDW700 which offers NTSC
    & PAL
  Panasonic DVCPRO 1080i/720p  HDX900 which offers NTSC & PAL
  Panasonic  P2   HVX200A 1080p / 720p
  Sony HDV   HVRZ1U  1080i
  Panasonic  DV   DVX 100B
  Sony Betacam SP

Other cameras are available upon request.

All full size camera packages are available with  HD standard lenses or HD wide angle lenses, HD Monitors {17inch & 8 inch} a complete array of lights {kinos, arri, hmi etc...} and all other support gear {tripod, batteries, etc...}